Meteor Boilerplate with Materialize

Two of my favorite things currently are Meteor and Materialize, so naturally I’ve combined these into a Meteor boilerplate with Materialize.

Meteor has come into my software development life with fury and grace. Meteor has disrupted my way of thinking about application development while increasing my productivity several-fold. Are you interested in mobile/web apps from the same codebase, reactive front-ends, and know JavaScript? Meteor may be what you’re looking for

Want to learn Meteor? I suggest the following:

Discover Meteor by Tom Coleman and Sacha Grief
Meteor in Action by Stephan Hochhaus and Manuel Schoebel
Official Meteor Documentation

My personal experience with these texts was as follows: Discover Meteor gave me a perfect introduction to meteor through cohesive project that spans the entire book where each chapter shows specific Meteor functionality by implementing it into your application, culminating in the completion of a Reddit clone. Meteor in Action isn’t as cohesive but it does an excellent job of explaining the underlying technology that makes some of Meteor’s magic possible, most of which isn’t in the scope of Discover Meteor. and the official documentation is always the source of truth and I use it frequently during development.

Materialize is a front-end framework like Bootstrap, but it’s based on Google’s Material design. The framework is very well done and has over 115 contributors on GitHub. Materialize offers two templates to help you get started on their website. The boilerplate uses the starter template as a home page; however, the parallax template is really nice as well if that’s your thing. The good news is that there is an official Materialize Meteor package with a lot of GitHub contributors. A couple other specific Meteor packages used to keep a consistent material design on the boilerplate is the useraccounts:materialize, which provides highly customizable user accounts UI templates, and gildaspk:autoform-materialize which adds materialize templates to the autoform package.